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Data Recovery VS Files recovery

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by: IvaanFox012
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Restoring destroyed data on your Computer

If you are a regular computer user, you must be aware of the fact that the data stored on your computer is not safe at all.  This is due to the fact that data from hard drive is not as safe as CDs and DVDs.  Hard disks are mechanical devices that can break down comparatively to non-mechanical devices.   So, in fact when the hard disk breaks down data is lost from the computer.  The fact is how do we safely secure the data?  Another reason is that the computer user can also delete the data unknowingly or when malicious software is used.  Several methods can be adopted to recover data from the hard drive.  You can always restore data yourself instead of calling recovery services to repair your computer.  Given below is a simple method of restoring data.

·         Go to the Start button and click it.  Once it appears, go to Programs and click on Accessories.  When you see the options listed for Accessories, click on Systems Tools button.

·         You can see options like disk defragmenter, back up, system information, etc.  Click on System Restore.

·         Next, click on Restore My Computer to an earlier time, and then click next.

·         The window that appears will have a calendar, where you can choose a date to restore your computer.  You have to choose a date which is the last time you saw the file.

·         Once you confirm it, you will be able to restore your computer to that time.

Finally, the file will be in the appropriate location once the computer has finished rebooting.  That is how data is recovered from the hard disk.

Types of Data Recovery

When you experience data loss in any type of storage device, drive or media you can depend on hard drive data recovery services to help you recover the data.  With technological advancement, memory capacity of storage devices has increased.  So, there is huge loss when there is any kind of damage to the system.  There are many types of data recovery services.  These are:

·         Hard drive recovery services.

·         Mac data recovery.

·         Laptop data recovery.

·         USB and digital data recovery.

·         RAID recovery.

·         Tape data recovery.

·         Database recovery.

Data stored in Hard Disks

Professional data recovery service experts can deal with different kinds of problems in various systems.  Recovery can be done through online or remote methods, in-lab methods using sophisticated technology or by the use of professional software.  Hard drive recovery service is offered at a competitive price.  Backups can be done on portable hard drives or another hard drive.  When there are instances of sensitive data, tape drives are used.  Bigger companies have data centers that maintain copies of data.  Hard disk data can be recovered in a few days or a few hours.  Even though hard drive data recovery price can be expensive, the professionals provide valuable services.  Data recovery is certainly not cheap and you have to be sure to get a talented and well-experienced professional to help you recover your data.

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