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A Fast and Accurate DBF Repair Tool

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by: Peter Dagen
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Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 Time: 2:46 AM

Has a recent system failure left your dbf file unable to be opened? Do you remember what if felt like when you suddenly discovered that hours or even days of data entry were lost to a broken dbf file? Stop and remember the feeling of entering all those figures. Situations such as these are more common in the office than one would think. If you find yourself can't open a dbf file from a system crash, you likely are seeking a not costly tool to bring back what was lost automatically. Well with Smart DBF Repair, that's exactly what you can do.

DBF Repair Tool can help you fix a damaged DBF table quickly and automatically, saving you from needing to do any typing or hiring a costly data recovery expert. This software is designed for ordinary users who need their database restore without any manual work. The database file can be in any format, including files produced in dBase III/IV, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro, because this program restores them all! To begin, you simply download and install Smart DBF Repair; it's not free, but the 30-day trial version lets you sample the results of a recovery so you can feel safe knowing that your data can be restored if you buy the full version.

When a problem occurs, that's when DBF Repair Tool does its wonderful job. Say you discover that your database is damaged and can't open - no problem! You need only open the DBF repair tool and select the damaged database in the GUI, or simply drag and drop that file onto the program, then select the output folder and start the recovery. The program analyzes the data records and the dbf file structure, then carefully restores all headers and data records down to the smallest bit. Throughout the process, Smart DBF Repair relies entirely on its own software rather than external drivers such as ODBC or BDE. The restored database is then saved to the destination folder you specified during the setup.

If you remember the problem of re-creating a new database from scratch, you should already know this is something you never want to do again. If your database contains private information, perhaps you are worried about handing your data to an external repair engineer. In either case, Smart DBF Repair is the solution you want. The downloadable version will save you money, stress, and hours of work the next time your dbf files is damaged.

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Peter Jackson frequently uses an DBF Repair tool when he needs to restore damaged dbf files

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