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If you want to move smoothly into new jobs after layoffs will depend on your network of contacts and the people you have previously helped. Keep your resume updated from time to time and be prepared for the next move so as to stay ahead of the game.


The following are some of the most effective strategies

·         While on the job you should continually think of ways to streamline work processes, cut cost, save time and generate new revenues. If you combine some jobs with resulting layoffs and produce the cost saving plan, you will be retain as a valuable employee.


·         Be available and visible. Avoid taking personal days and vacation time off if you suspected layoffs, downsizing or money problem at work. It will prove that the company can do without you if you go. Come in first and go last and increase your production and effectiveness.


·         Keep work portfolio and make progress memos to your supervisor and boss and show how you are cutting cost, increasing sales and coming up with new and infective ideas. This is the time to further your documentation. Make sure you are well known by the right people and, if possible volunteer to write for the company’s newsletter or start new one.


·         Avoid gossip. Do not get distracted by spending time worrying or gossiping with coworkers and taking long lunches. These group of workers develop negative attitudes and complain about the steps the company is taking to control cost, and this will make their overall job performance to drop.


Job performance is the first thing a company will look at when considering layoffs. The factor to consider will be previous year’s job performance, current job performance, feedback from colleagues and from management.

You have 100% control over your job performance as an employee, and you can help to control your image and perception. In the period of economic recession, you must not only meet but exceed job expectation. Stay late and work weekends.


Know the bright spots of your company

It is no longer advisable for employees to simply come to work and focus on only the job task immediately in front of them and leave. You must learn to uncover your company’s bright spots and get involved with them.

 You should build relationships with leaders and influencers in those areas. If all these tips are adhered to properly, you will have made yourself indispensable.

Irabor Mark Akhimien is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine, university of Ibadan. For articles on resumes, interview tips and employment visit: jobs and employment portal

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Irabor Mark is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine

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