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Advantages and Drawbacks of Government jobs

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by: sanjayseoexpert
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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 Time: 3:38 AM

Many questions keep on arising in mind when a person has to choose between options of private jobs as well as government jobs. Government jobs in India have many benefits. This includes not that strict environment, pension plans and lot of job security. However, on the other hand, private sector jobs are equally longed by various individuals who desire to grow and wish to make a lot of money in life. However, it is generally believed that once a person gets government jobs in India, the present as well as the future will become much secured to a very great extent. There is many higher level central government as well as state government jobs. These jobs have an association with the prestige. Additional perks are also considered. However, this is not a part of the private sector jobs.

Advantages of these Sarkari jobs in India

•    The job securities of these jobs are more than that of the private sector. In private sector, the lay-offs are very common.  This is especially during the times of economic recessions. These jobs are subjected to all kinds of layoffs due to recession.
•    The working hours of these jobs are very less than that of the private jobs.  There are many strict rules of coming dot on time and leaving as well. However, these opportunities are misused by many employees. Strictness in Timings is observed in private sector. There are different ways of dealing with this by different private organizations. A relaxation time of 15 minutes is given by some. However, in some offices, employees are allowed to come late to the office for some particular days. However, if the employee continues to come late for a number of days, he is penalized for the same.
•    There are many retirement benefits such as PF, pension plan and various other retirement schemes in association with these jobs in India. However, these things are not observed in the private sector.
•    If a person is having the capability, he can surely reach higher levels such as the Registrar, Dean or the Magistrate. At such posts, there are various benefits such as luxurious and easy life.
•    There is an existence of peace of mind and job security in government jobs.

Drawbacks of government jobs

•    The pay scales in these jobs are very less as compared to the private sector. If a person is a fresher and has got this job, his salary is very less as compared to the person in the private sector.
•    The career opportunities are very less as compared to the private sector.
•    The challenges involved in government jobs are very less.
•    There is less sincerity and creativity towards work.
•    These jobs are very mundane and boring
•    There are very less increments and incentives associated with these jobs in India
•    There are very less job specific opportunities

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