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How to Adapt the Career Life

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by: toryyang
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Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 Time: 12:15 AM


Many young men who just have worked not for a long time, they will feel that they cannot adapt the working atmosphere. Many things are different from the school, because you still have the customs which you have when you were still a student.


K received a task that he had to finish a report form in the stipulated time. In order to finish it as soon as possible, K selected to work overtime. It was 9 o’clock at night; he found that he needed to ask the colleagues to a few data. Colleague A shut down his cell phone; colleague B did not pick up the cell phone; colleague C answered him with a low sound. At the second day, he asked A and B why he could not contact with them last night. A said: “it was the time of getting off work, and there are no rules I have to keep my phone on line in 24 hours.” Colleague agreed with A: “we did not talk about the business out of working…” C said: “when I got the phone, my daughter has fallen asleep. She could fell asleep again if she heard some sounds.” K realized that he did not control the time and bothered their private time. Unlike school, the time of working had the specific boundary.


L will graduate from university, so he practiced in a law office. The law office let a tutor to help him to solve problems. To his surprised that the tutor did not very enthusiastic. When he had some questions to ask him, he was unwilling to answer. L felt unhappy for the tutor reaction. He could not understand why. In the university, the teachers always help them to solve the problems. But he adapted his psychology immediately. He needed to learn how to deal with the stations. When he back to university to write the paper, he found that he could solve the question rely on himself. As before, he must need to ask the teacher.


When young people start to complain that they cannot adapt the conditions in the offices, and why they do not to reflect on themselves? You have to know you are not a student anymore, and the people who around you are not your teachers or students. You need to learn how to get along with them.

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