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What is an RPO and How Does it Help

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by: headfield
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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 Time: 1:58 AM

Who exactly are RPO providers and why do companies need them? RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing – a company allowing an external source carry on some responsibility on their behalf is known as outsourcing and here recruitment process is what is delved on. The business world today is flooding with a multitude of options when RPO service providers are talked about but to choose wisely is what is needed the most. Recruitment is the base of a company’s functioning and hence, only trusted RPO service providers should be entitled to carry on the outsourcing. The RPO service providers effectively take over full control and management of the client company’s internal recruitment processes as an external third party.


This implies complete management of the client company’s hiring processes. One of the leading RPO service providers offers all the recruitment services under different panels which clients can choose from as per their accord. Where on one hand with RPO providers outsourcing recruitment, outsourcing business development, outsourcing job search agents or sourcers are possible individually; the client organization is free to club one or more services out of the bunch as per the company requirements. Sourcers are the ones who search out for resumes, access the right information needed for recruitment ensuring that you get just the right talent. Recruiters focus on screening resumes, scheduling and arranging for interviews and on-boarding. Business development has not much to do with recruitment; it is basically a service that a client organization can hire services of RPO providers for business development to make informed business decisions, make the right business development, and get the desired results in set timelines. An additional service that you can rely on is outsourcing recruitment training.


If you are an employment agency or a job consulting firm, you can avail recruitment training service provided by RPO providers. They will help you establish your successful offshore recruitment team. You only save on your overall costs and enjoy higher profits. Recruiters in India have fit into the offshore international recruitment model successfully, adding value to their parent companies, via such a partnership with trusted RPO service providers. Global recruitment firms can outsource a range of services from one of the most reliable RPO service providers. Services may range from outsourcing recruitment, business development, resume sourcing and even talent matching to lead generation and job search.


If you are looking for a job search agent, you are again entering the periphery of RPO service providers. A job search agent not only matches the job descriptions with the right profiles but also ensures that the employee is right for the job and vice versa. No matter whether you are an individual or an organization, you can hire services from RPO providers, especially one that serves as a job search agent. As an individual, you can exploit the resume writing skills of the agent that rightly reflects your skills. Hiring managers will only be impressed. Your dedicated job search agent will find for you what you exactly want!

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