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A seamless and co-ordinated recruitment service saves time, money and mistakes

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by: Lilynicolas
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Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 Time: 12:45 AM


Recruitment can be a long and costly business for a company and it can happen that when the final candidate is chosen it turns out to have been a mistaken decision.

IT recruitment companies for the larger companies in hubs like Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai often start their search on campus when they are looking for freshers and a service that can help the process by screening potential candidates, shortlisting them for the employer and co-ordinating with campus officers can make the whole process much more cost effective and reliable.

Fresherslooking for IT jobs face a highly competitive process since India became a leader in the provision of software development, website development and IT support and SEO services.

Employers too, do not want to risk costly mistakes when they are recruiting a new batch of freshers, who will not at that point have much job experience or knowledge of the processes and culture of the office environment.

Increasingly soft skills like communication, the ability to work in a team and motivation are as important as qualifications for finding the right candidates for IT Jobs for companies that often have an international client base.

They need their employees to be able to communicate clearly and to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of clients whose working practices and expectations may be very different from those in India.

Freshers need to start preparing themselves ahead of their first job, not only to ensure their CV or resume is presented in the style and with the information busy recruiters need to find quickly, but also to ensure that they know what will be expected of them in the work environment and can practice the skills that will be needed.

A service that uses online communication to assess, coach and prepare freshers, and backs it up with phone and face to face contact to get to know them and at the same time uses the same techniques to get to know employers’ culture, style and needs and the requirements of campus officers can make an enormous difference to the whole fresher recruitment process.

Fitting the pieces together with careful preparation to hopefully get the match right first time can save employers time and money, but will also ensure that the fresher’s first experience of work is a positive step in a long and successful career.

The first job a fresher gets can have a tremendous influence on their future career path and progression so it makes sense to do everything that can be done to get things right from the start.

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