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Getting the Best Jobs PNG

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by: SignatureStaff
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Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 Time: 9:03 PM


Job hunting in PNG can be relatively easier when you know where to look. There are numerous employment opportunities at PNG and it is usually the efforts that you place in which will determine whether success will be realized or not.

The most important thing that job seekers must always remember is self assessment. This is relatively important especially when it comes to writing your resume. The resume is inclusive of all the relevant information such as: Education background, past positions held, professional experience, skills, and hobbies. The jobs PNG that are available will mainly require particular sets of skills, experience, etc which is why they must be written clearly on the resume.

The first thing that you should do is to conduct a thorough research of the specific niche industry that you are interested in. There are numerous job opportunities in PNG that you can choose from. It is however advisable to refrain from choosing a job that you are not qualified for.

This is because you will be wasting time and effort both of which could have reaped good results when channeled to the proper direction.  On the other hand, you can also go for the jobs that you are over-qualified for in the event that you just need somewhere to hold on to before making a breakthrough.

The internet is a very resourceful tool when it comes to searching for all the jobs available at PNG. Get to a computer that is connected to the internet. After doing this, use the various search engines that are available to find the jobs you want. It is advisable to ensure that you have entered sufficient details like the job description, qualifications & other requirements, salary expected, etc.

This will narrow down your search so that you only end up with a list of the most appropriate job openings for your particular case. After you have a list, you can now work your way through it. This means that you need to send your resumes, cover letters, and all other relevant documents to all the contact personnel.

The local directories also have plenty of information regarding the available jobs at PNG. Take the local newspapers and directories because they will most definitely have an opening or two for you. In the event that you miss a chance at first, don’t quit but do this consistently because you will reap good results sooner or later.


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Vlasta Eriksson is the Managing Director of Signature Staff, a Recruitment Agency in Tropical Queensland, Australia, also specialising in PNG Jobs. Vlasta established Signature Staff in 1998.

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