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How to Prepare For a Job Interview

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A call for an interview indicates that, you could be the right person required by the organization to fill the position. In fact, it is believed that a large number of candidates are rejected at the application stage so you really have something more than others and you deserve to be considered for the position. So it will be good to prepare for a job interview.

More substantial bodies will have interviewers who are often professionals of selection process, or who are trained and qualified interviewers, so be prepared for a well-structured interview to get the maximum from you. In smaller companies you are more likely to be interviewed by a partner who may not be a trained interviewer. If, unfortunately you face or encounter a 'bad' interviewer you will have to work hard to use the questions as a means of conveying the details you wish to tell the interviewer. It is usually a good idea to try to control and push the conversation or discussion towards the subjects you have particular strengths in.

How to prepare for a job interview it is a good practice to follow some tried and tested methods and guidelines.

The first step in preparing for a job interview is to do a thorough self-assessment so that you can know what you are capable of and your skills you can offer to the interviewer. It is very important to create a complete inventory of abilities, practical knowledge, and personal capabilities that you can use to promote yourself to employers at any time during the process. In developing this inventory, it is easiest and best to start with experience. As soon as you have a precise list of activities like past jobs, extra-curricular involvements, volunteer work, projects during the training, it is fairly easy to identify your skills.

Secondly before going to interview one must have to do some research about the occupation or the nature of work. It will help in presenting your side to the interviewer. Keep track of records like news and facts and figures about the occupation.

Like knowing the occupation you should also study about the history and on-going projects of the organization. This can be done using online sources and company literature. Some of the characteristics of the company or organization are its location, size in terms of number of employees, Management model of the company, infrastructure of the company, Products and by products if it is manufacturing firm etc.

After completing your background research, make a list of questions you want to ask from the interviewer. Put questions in a proper manner and order. But beware of starting a discussion which you cannot direct. Intelligent questions can silently tell the employer your abilities and your interest in the position.

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