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How to make a Job Interview Successful

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Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 Time: 12:42 AM

Whenever you are called for the interview you must be ready and prepared with the full confident because confident and the preparation are the two key elements for the success of the interview. Before attending the interview you should to prepare yourself practically and collect all the related information or the material for the interview which might be helpful for the interview. Preparations means not only prepare your educational syllabus or learn the books before the interview… yes you must have the knowledge of your field but you should also have the knowledge of the company and the latest achievements of the company so surf the websites and the Google the company and their persons before the interview. In the interview you will definitely face some typical interview questions and answers which need a special preparation before and during the interview. So there are some tips and helpful points which are helpful and can help to get your dream job:

Before attending the interview:

Whenever you get your call letter or e-mail, confirm the date time and the place of the interview.

Be on the time; try to reach your destination half an hour before the given time so that you can relax before the interview.

Wear the professional dress and well groomed and no accessories like jewelry and no heavy perfumes.

Always keep in mind that this is your last golden opportunity and try to get it.

Try to sleep well and properly before the interview’s day so that your mind can ready for the psychological, physically and mentally stress.

Do practice, practice and practice before the interview whether it is before your friends or the family or in front of the mirror.

Points to remember during the interview:

Keep smile on your face because it matters a lot during the interview.

Make an eye contact with the interviewer without glaring shows that you are confident.

Do firm handshake pleasantly.

Be ready to give small description of your past experiences and about yourself.

Don’t talk too much during the interview; just say limited words don’t try to be over smart because it can be harmful for you.

It is fine to ask about the salary or others allowances and about the accommodations. Don’t interrupt the interviewer when he / she asking the questions and remember communication is the two-way process so give feedback and do reply always.

Be cooperative and enthusiastic, try to calculate and review your interview’s strength and weakness.

These are some points and tips which will be very handy when you face the typical interview questions and answers.

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