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Study the employment contract duly before signing it

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When a person joins a new job or a new company, he has to complete many formalities for the same. He needs to sign many documents and papers and the employment contract is among the most important papers. As the name of the document says, it is a contract between the employer and the employee. The employee has to accept the various things that are mentioned in the document and only if he agrees with the same will he sign the document. The contract guides the employee regarding the terms and conditions, rights and duties and the various rules and regulations of the organization. There are many hidden clauses in the contract and the employee must understand them well before signing.

It is always good if the employment contract is given in written to the candidate. In many places people also accept oral contracts, but if there are disagreements in the contracts later, it becomes difficult to fight them then. Therefore, it is always best if the contract is in written format. The terms and conditions section is the most important part in the contract and should be studied well. Read each clause and term individually and think from the perspective of the employer and the employee both and then sign the document.

The employment contract will mention things like your probation period, time for your permanent status, your office timings, rules and regulations that you need to follow in office, ways of taking leave and your salary with the sue break ups. In most of the contract papers, there are many terms which are legal and might not be easy for a normal person to understand. In that case, you can always ask your employer to explain the clause and he will be bound to do that or ask the legal department to help you in understanding the same.

There are different kinds of jobs on the offer and the employment contract for each kind of job will definitely be different. There are full-time jobs on contractual basis, normal full-time jobs, part time contractual jobs and regular part time jobs among the most common kinds of jobs. In the contractual jobs, the job gets over after a fixed period of time (till the time the contract is valid). The job contracts that are made in these jobs are very different from full time permanent jobs. Written documents help in fighting any disputes in the agreements later.

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