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Qualification that guarantees a safe and conscious construction worker

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by: lersongomes
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Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 Time: 11:58 PM

Imagine you climbing to the top most storey of the tallest building on the earth and have just taken out your camera to get a panoramic view of the sprawling city somewhere below you. Now imagine the building starting to shake and a voice cracks through the public address system saying that the building is about to collapse and all visitors are requested to climb down the stairs to the bottom for safety. Now that may not happen in real life and may be a scene that you may see in a movie. Do you know why that does not happen in reality? That does not happen because most of the buildings – taller or otherwise, are built with the stringent guidelines and norms of safety.

There is no better way to ensure safety than by drilling down the importance of safety within the minds of the construction workers engaged in the real construction of these buildings. In Australia in particular it is a legal necessity to have construction workers acquire this status known as a white card. If you thought that getting a white card Queensland involves a lot of running around, then you are wrong. Relax, because you can now get your white card on line using this very user friendly website You can simply log on to the website and register yourself, get a username and password and pay the requisite fees to take the course and appear for the qualification online. Once you have completed the course you can actually print the certificate from the website. The authority will also send you the actual card within 24 hours. Acquiring this Occupational Health and Safety qualification is mandatory in the states of different states of Australia. You must be a resident of any of the states to take this qualification from the respective states and can then start work in the construction industry. Every state has its own white card certification course. The Queensland white card was earlier known as the blue card.

The fees to get you a white card in various states such as Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania are quite nominal. These courses are recognized across the nation. You need to pay specific fees to get the white card and these fees vary across states. So if you are a construction industry worker in Queensland, you may pay AUD 55 but a construction worker in Western Australia may pay a different fee. So if you are interested to join the construction industry and be a conscious citizen of this great country and involve yourself in building safe structures, then this white card Queensland Australia website is a must visit for you. Enrol yourself; get a safety certificate that is recognized across the nation for we all know that safety comes first and the world has already been witness to so many natural disasters that we do not consciously want to create a case for an artificial disaster by recruiting professionals that are not trained in occupational health and safety.

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To ensure that this risk is minimized or better still eliminated, this website offers you the chance to get the OHS certificate known as white card. This white card Australia website is easy to navigate and allows you to get this card, which was earlier known as white card Queensland , with ease of use without having to worry too much.

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