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Please Reduce Your Career Ambitions

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by: toryyang
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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 Time: 10:55 PM


A young man went to a well-known to apply for a job, the examiner asked: “Do you think what position you can be qualified for by your abilities in the company?” The young people asked himself, feeling his personality, experience and ability, there was a great lack of qualifications, and he did not have to give orders to others, so very honestly replied: “the general staff.”


Other candidates without exception, the answers were “general manager”. On the grounds that the subject of Napoleon's famous saying: “do not want the general's soldiers is not a good soldier.” The young man would like that he did not want do the general manager, the examiner must think he was not a good staff, which appeared that there was no hope he was admitted. However, he should first be admitted! The examiner said: “We interview all candidates, there are more than 30 ‘general manager’, and so we decided to hire you first, because more than 30 'general manager' requires at least one 'general staff'!”


Try to reduce your material goals and career ambitions, and it often will bring us new opportunities. Sometimes, we will embrace too much hope, and finally, we tend to be disappointed. The reason is that we overestimate our own ability, and usually we are too self-confidence and lead to our own understanding is not enough, so such setbacks often occur. In fact, appropriately lowering our career ambitions can allow us to calm down and humble to learn more knowledge.


Moreover, everything should start from the trivial, isn’t it? No one when he was born and he was President or the world's richest man, they are on their own hard work step by step through. The road to success, there are no any shortcuts. Only through their own efforts to fight for, this will make their closer from the success. However, in the pursuit of fame on the road, we cannot rush to seek progress, we should do tour part, or according our ability, down to earth to do something.


Sometimes, there exists opportunity. However, to lower our material goals and career ambitions, always make us a little easier. More than all day carrying the burden of thought, it is better to enrich our knowledge and ability. Gold will shine, so why worry when it does!

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