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Joomla Quoting Engine – Turning Your Business into a Huge Financial Empire

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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 Time: 3:58 AM

Believe it or not, major corporations use a Joomla quoting engine on their websites. Because they know it is much easier to provide fast and reliable quotes and estimates with this tool, they have no qualms about incorporating it in their daily operations. Indeed, having an estimator can bring your business into new heights. So even if you have just entered the world of entrepreneurship, it wouldn’t exactly hurt to get such a plugin for your business website.


Basically, a quoting engine is an add-on installed in websites that is used to simplify the computing process. To get the estimated cost of a certain product, users select values from the options available on the website. Once the form is filled out completely, users will get the quotes immediately. Business owners, meanwhile, have the option to either post the results on the same webpage where the estimator is located or send the quotes to the user’s email address.


For small business owners, a Joomla quoting engine is more than an online calculator. If you have a fledgling business, you can utilise the plugin to find potential customers. Use it to obtain the contact details of people who might be interested in the product or services that you’re offering. Like what was mentioned earlier, the plugin can send quotes to users’ email addresses. When a visitor to your website uses the estimator, the email he has provided will be stored in your database. You can use this contact information later on to send offers to motivated prospects and potential customers.


Another benefit of getting an estimator for your website is that you can use it to generate extra profits. On the page where the quoting engine is located, you can save some space for ads. Then, get Google AdSense or other similar programs so you can secure additional funds on auto-pilot. You can earn extra cash even while your business is close for the day. Surely you won’t say no to added income, right?


Having a Joomla quoting engine can also significantly improve the image of your business. How, you ask? An online estimator that provides users with quick and accurate quotations can beef up your credibility. Since all calculations are done by machine, you can avoid sending incorrect quotations to potential customers. This way, you can minimise complaints and negative feedback from both existing and would-be clients.


As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you want your fledgling company to become e huge business empire, start by installing a Joomla quoting engine in your official website.

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