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Venture Capital Articles

1: Business Brokers – Helping You Get the Best Deal
If you have decided about going for business sale, it is better to bring the reliable business brokers into the picture. You also need to take care of various factors before finalizing a deal.

2: Functioning of Venture Capital
Venture Capital as commonly known comes in the category of private equity capital. They are generally exchanged as cash for shares in the invested company.

3: Vancouver is a global centre for new media business and investment
The thriving digital media industry in Vancouver B.C. is gaining recognition as a centre of digital media business development, content creation, and investment opportunity.

4: International Business
According to Campbell (1994) Multinational enterprises have realised the cost benefits and also the and efficiency advantage of investing in abroad, foreign direct investment has grown rapidly over the recent past, according to UNCTAD (2004) between the year 1990 and 2002 foreign direct investment grew from 950 million dollars to 4 billion dollars, this growth has been as a result of the increased number and diversity of service MNE.

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