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The importance of corporate team building

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by: donaldmsegura
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Teamwork remains an element of success in any company, regardless of its size, but for the team to work efficiently and be productive, its members need to bond together to form a cohesive management unit. Team building is an element for human resources management to motivate the members of a team toward realizing a company goal. Corporate team building is a broad concept designed to build and promote personal and professional growth of each and every team member and to motivate them toward a common goal.

The goal of team building can be very difficult to achieve because individuals are inherently different from each other and many times these differences represent an obstacle for the success of a team. But whether we talk about indoor team building or outdoor team building, they both bring together people with different personalities and make them work in harmony for achieving a unified goal. The exercises involved in a team building session are designed to help people get to know each other, to adapt to the work environment and to ease the communication between them.  Effective communication and trust represent the basis of a smooth and productive team. Through corporate team building members of a team learn to understand and to trust each other and to communicate in an open manner without any barriers of seniority, thus enhancing creativity, and innovation.

There are two main categories of team building activities, which enhance the team 's ability to work within a group. Outdoor team building is highly appreciated by employees because it gives them opportunities to get involved in various enjoyable and dynamic actions, which can remove negative attitudes. These types of corporate team building events focus on both physical and mental obstacles for participants to overcome. Finishing an outdoor challenge increases self-confidence of team members and the cooperation between them provides a boost of energy and motivation. There are various exercises and activities to consider but it is recommended to opt for those activities which focus more on collaboration than competition.

Indoor team building can be more defined by the available space and requires increased attention. It is usually undertaken within the office premises, but there is also the possibility to opt for a mix and match situation and combine the two types of team buildings. However, it can involve training, group discussions, games, workshops, social or charitable events, skills based team building and many others. Corporate team building can build all types of skills in the teams. The main condition is to assess the level of skills of each member, to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses in order utilize accordingly the corporate team building.  Besides the fact that it encourages the personal and professional development of each individual, it also helps in defining goals and objectives. Considering that all the individuals are able to understand goals and objectives, they are able to devise the best manners to achieve them. This kind of understanding boost productivity of a team which will work together toward a common vision.

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