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Working & Use of Spray Booths

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<a href="">Spray booths</a> are used to spray paint the cars. It is a spray with a pressure controlled environment. It can be used to spray anything from cars to fighter jet. There are few specific conditions which should be maintained in order to get the best like humidity and air flow, temperature, efficient ventilation is required in the workshop, more than one burner to heat the air and more than one motor is to beused. 


The most important component of <a href="">spraybooth</a> is a good supply of air. They require good amount of air so that they can make the air supply to the booth correctly. A minimum amount of 100 feet per minute is the required amount of air flow through the operator of the booth as defined by The National Fire Protection Association. This means you are required a source of air providing 8,000 to 10,000 cubic feet airflow per minute. It is more than what usually buildings are able to apply. 


For establishing spray booth equipment you will have to get an air replacement unit because the booth needs to flow in the style of a river which most of the buildings do not have. The paint will not be properly whisked away if they do not get the required airflow. If this does not happen then you will end up standing in a cloudy overspray, which will eventually settle down and will result into a dirty spray booth. 


The filter inside the booth is very essential for the whole setup. It will be performing two most important jobs. It should be able to hold the overspray and if it does not this task properly then it is likely to pass into exhaust. This can make your neighbours very angry as there belonging will get covered in paint spray. So do not make use of cheap filters in spray booths.

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