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Funeral Plan: Why It Is Important to Plan?

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It is a very emotional moment of life when a person or loved one dies and in such situation, it becomes very difficult to arrange for a memorial service or funeral. Funeral plans include plans for arranging the funeral and it provides options such as pre-need plan (where you can pre-plan the funeral by getting an insurance service) which also covers the expenses on memorial service and cremation. People, who are suffering from certain illness and know in advance about their death, can take pre-planned funeral service.

Making funeral plan in advance does not mean you pay for the services but it helps to reduce the burden on family as you keep some money aside for the purpose and it can be made by setting up a payable on death account, which provides funds to the beneficiary for the arrangement of funeral.

The person conveys funeral wishes and plans to the family member verbally or in written texts sometimes. These wishes can be properly documented and kept in a safe box and it can be accessed when the time comes.

Funeral planning can be of many types. It can involve expenses on arrangements including the cost of merchandize, professional fee, food, services and certificates. The funeral plan can be made to get assistance from the person to easily obtain the certificates necessary for arrangement of funeral. Guests mostly bring flowers to the funeral, which can be replaced by taking donations for charities. It can be planned to give the money of donations to a specific charity.

The funeral plans also require selecting a burial ground, cremation ground or entombment place depending on the wishes of the deceased. For burial, arrangement for cementer plot grave liner or vault, and the grave maker is needed. Similarly, finances for making casket are needed for entombment. Additionally, for cremation, the specific arrangement for heat process is required.


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