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A partner that every retailer needs

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by: Lee Malcolm
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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 Time: 11:14 PM

Retail is a challenging environment to work in, but the pay off when things are done well is huge. Plus it's incredibly rewarding too. Some people have a real flair for selling goods and products to the public. Surviving as a smaller independent retailer is all about giving customers what they don't or can't get at the bigger chains. It's impossible to compete on price so it's all about creating a different kind of experience. One full of little personal touches like good old fashioned customer service and a store that's a pleasure to visit. A little retail theatre goes a long way. People love to shop somewhere different on increasingly cloned high streets.

Running a store successfully is all about giving customers what they want, creating a fun and attractive environment in which to shop and getting a great deal on stock and basic supplies like mannequins and paper bags for example.

Any independent shop owner is going to need a trusted provider of these essential goods. No shop can operate without them. When choosing a supplier it pays to consider a number of factors. Price obviously, but there's more to it than that. A good supplier will offer a friendly and flexible service as well as a range of quality mannequins and paper bags. These are all things that help make for a great retail experience that customer's will remember, come back for more and tell their friends about.

Morplan Ltd can help. These guys know retail and have a proven track record supplying shops with the basics that they need to run a successful store. They offer great value supplies and always pull out all the stops to provide a great service. Every retailer needs a partner like Morplan to help them source the basics that they need.

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