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41: Friendship
It is a kind of very wonderful thing, it can let you become happy when you are down, can make you come out a sea of woes, greet new life.   Only own the real friend', then can feel its real fine

42: To be living for you
Both the husband and the wife already near half hundred, although is not approaching old age, they have already had too many things to think about in the life. For example, they can not be too tired,

43: The basic etiquette
1.       When you are talked to, be sure to response as quickly as possible. 2.       When someone is staring at you, not to look directly a

44: How graduates build good human relations?
In is often heard from the graduates that the human relations are hard to deal with. Human relations exist everywhere, we need to learn to deal with it from a young age. When we get to this point step

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