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Using Keywords to Optimize your Blog

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by: jecks
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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 Time: 3:36 AM

For any SEO campaign to be successful, it is important to work hard on the keyword Research. Even in blog optimization, we have to focus on the use of keywords to inform the search bots what the posts are all about. If the page content is relevant, the search engine rankings will be better.

In every on-page SEO campaign, keyword optimization is a vital part. This is a part of optimization made on the blog’s code. Keywords can boost the ranking of a site or blog a great deal. It is where all the SEO effort is centered around.

First and foremost, it is necessary to find out the right set of keywords for your blog optimization. The keyword research must be done by an expert who has profound knowledge in the area. A well-researched keyword can be the foundation of your SEO campaign and the success of your blog’s performance.


There are, however , certain rules regarding keyword optimization. You can always make good use of any relevant keywords. Some points you need to consider are:

Use only those keywords that are relevant to the articles.

If the keywords are related somehow to each other, it can be a great point.

Try to use different keywords for different blog posts. This way, the search engine can direct two different results from your blog. It will be a waste to optimize more blogs with the same set of keywords.

The article should be written first keeping in mind the keywords that are supposed to be in use.

The most important or targeted keywords must be used in the title tag.

If SEO plug-ins are used, set a different page title than the blog post.

Use the keywords in the Meta description.

Put the keywords in the blog post title and again at the first phrase of the article’s paragraph.

Do not overuse the keywords. Place them only few times otherwise the article won’t look that natural. People even give a second glance to your blog.

For older blogs, try to create backlinks using the targeted keywords as anchor text.


Without keywords, no blog would be able to catch the attention of the readers or the search engines. If you ignore the optimization part, you are really sacrificing your customers to those well optimized blogs or sites with similar products or services. So, do your keyword research aptly and use them wisely on your blog.


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