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Tips for Using Gumball Machines in Your Business

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An effective, money minting business that requires low cost startup - the business of gumball machines can simply begin by filling gum ball machines with gumballs or other kind of bulk unwrapped candy or an assortment of merchandise. These can be used for an attractive display of commodities providing opportunities for earning extra income.


Many gumball machine warehouses are offering gumball machines for sale. You can buy these bulk vending machines and can start your own business with a very less investment. The maintenance cost of bulk vending machines is also quite low. You need to however, choose a suitable place to display your vending machine if you want to earn well.  


Here are some tips for those who are thinking to start a gumball machine business:

  • Gumball machines should not only be filled with gumballs, but also with snacks like unwrapped pieces of candy, peanuts or trail mix and kid’s toys like bouncy balls. You can try variation of sizes of the heads of these machines to hold as much or little of these merchandise. Machines can have a single head or as many as eight, depending upon which the merchandise display can be as small or as large as you want.
  • It is preferable to buy bulk vending machines from some reliable gumball machine warehouse. Look for warehouses that have gumball machines for sale.
  • Gumball machines can be placed anywhere in a store. Make use of the machines that are even designed to sit on the countertops and stand on floors or near point of sale purchases, near the store’s entries and exits, so that customers can make a purchase on their way in or out, and throughout your store to complement other merchandise displays.

Gumball machines can be used as great additions to movie rental stores and theaters, restaurants and specialty food shops like yogurt shops, bagel shops, and ice cream parlors, beauty salons and barbershops, hotel and motel lobbies, travel information centers, etc. Gumball machines are especially convenient for customers, as they only require putting in a coin or two and spinning a lever. The business is self-operative as the customer and employee interaction is less, often negligible, while a purchase from a gumball machine is made. So, start a gumball vending business for earning a passive income and watch your money grow substantially.


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