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The humble key clamp explained

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Chances are that unless you work in a manual profession you will not be too well versed on the key clamp. However it would not be an underestimation to say that the vast majority of us would recognise a key clamp if we were shown one. With that in mind here is some need to know information on the humble construction component:
Put simply, a key clamp is basically a metal housing in which a tube or pipe sits in. These are essential parts of railings and fencings. Next time you are going of an industrial staircase or are frequently a large municipal building with rails at the entrance then take a look and you will probably be able to see at least a few of them. The key clamp is also used in playground equipment, work benches, storage racks, store fixtures and lighting grids.
Typically a key clamp is manufactured from a strong metal. Iron is the chosen material as it is malleable during the production process but strong once set. Cast iron or steel in the form of sand castings (where an impression of the component shape is made in a flat bed of sand before molten metal is poured in and left to cool) is also common. This is usually painted with exterior paint or powder coated. The choice of finishing depends on where the key clamp will be used.
There are various types of key clamp which are different in design depending on their particular application. For instance an elbow joint is bent at a right angle so it serves as a corner piece. Central joints can have four or more tubes emanating from them but pieces can also be designed to house just one pipe. Certain types of key clamp have to be flexible as part of a moving or adjustable framework, so are made to pivot on a fixing.
Along with the likes of mesh fencing, a key clamp is an essential component in many commercial constructions and its importance cannot be underestimated. One reliable supplier of them can be found at Visit the website for your key clamp or mesh fencing needs.

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