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Learn To Network Better And More Efficiency

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by: ChrisLanderberg
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Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 Time: 8:19 AM

Increasing the social presence of companies or even brands is detrimental to their success in this day and age. If you live in a large city, you might even be able to do real life face to face networking and interactions. A few of the events located in large cities are for example Toastmasters public speaking events, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis or any other high class performances such as balet or theatre are good places to network. All you really have to do is start talking to random people while you're lined up, or even when you're sitting down beside certain few people.

Of course networking also takes place online daily. Websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have allowed those intimidated by face to face networking to effectively increase their networks from the comfort of their office or home quite easily. Some people spend lots of time on these sites weekly or even daily and find great benefits from the time invested. Many times participation in an online discussion or group can lead quite naturally to a networking connection. Networking sites are usually fairly easy to navigate, and many have groups that answer frequently asked questions as to how to setup a profile and adjust privacy settings, drastically reducing the intimidation factor for some.

Volunteering for a local organization is another great way to increase your network. Meeting others with similar convictions while helping a good cause is without a doubt great use of a person's time. This can be a simple as participating in a 5K run for charity or spending time at an organization several times a month, and can result in lasting and meaningful connections with others.

You can also increase your network by talking to those you naturally interact with on a regular basis. Many times people rush from one obligation to another, ignoring those in their path and missing potentially beneficial connections. Stopping to talk with the people you may encounter dropping their child off at karate or gymnastics week after week may not be a bad idea. A simple conversation could eventually lead to a business deal or new career opportunity. All because the time was taken to initiate a conversation.

So who really needs to network? Business owners network to increase exposure to their company. Entrepreneurs network to discuss ideas and strategies with like-minded individuals or seasoned business owners. Salespeople network to bring exposure to their company, and potentially commissions to their bank account. Those new to a city network to meet new friends. Job seekers network to find their next opportunity. Extroverts who live or work alone may network to simply feel energized in a crowd of people.

Attending networking events where you meet others face to face as well as connecting with others online can be beneficial to most people. After all, it can be "all about who you know". So the next time a friend or colleague suggests attending a networking event or creating a profile on a popular social networking site, why not give it a try?

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