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Beyond The Chicken Dance

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by: Amanda.Events
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Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 Time: 8:52 AM

beyondthechickendance.comOk so I found a GREAT website for negotiation and how to build better business aliances. After I read the site I just HAD to by the book that the site is based on,   Now I feel if you are trying to get some Great advice and feedback on negotiation and building business aliances you should check this site out because its just what you need!!!!! And dont forget "EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE"!!!!!



About the Author

As President and COO of Strategic Alliances, Mr. Newman developed a strategic and business planning process that was implemented successfully at many automotive suppliers operations in North America and in Europe, at a charitable organization and at several small entrepreneurial enterprises.  Since publishing his book, Mr. Newman has appeared as a guest speaker, has appeared on the radio and on TV, and has provided training seminars at various locations in the US on the “art” of negotiation.

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