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Experiential Space And Experiential Media - Tools Of Marketing

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In today’s modern fast paced world, things have to be done quickly without wasting time and money be it business dealings, capturing one’s imagination in creative design. The focus is on how quantitavely a product is promoted. Marketing a product requires creative imagination, an idea which is fresh, youthful, filled with energy, conveys the concept in a crisp and neat manner and attracts consumers. Many new techniques and tools are adapted from marketing strategy. One such strategy is the experiential marketing where in a chord is formed between the consumer and the product at the physical, mental and emotional level. A positive vibe is created and it appeals to the customer at all levels and creates an impact on the senses.

Experiential media tools are used to create a visual appeal like a web advertisement with attractive colors, features etc. The customer then feels, thinks and connects with product. Ads on the newspaper, internet, TV, radio and flashy hoardings catch the attention of the consumer and make an impact on them.

Experiential media tools are tools for the data storage and retrieval of information. The concept of media today is to reach out to the people extensively in a communicative and informative way. Promotion of a product and market campaigning can all be done through media easily. Usage of latest media technologies has better reach and awareness thus helping to build business. Recent marketing strategies focus on the target audience, interact with them, get feedback, improvise and then reach out to a larger audience, thus promoting the product and increasing sales. This is where the experiential space comes in.

Experiential space is a vital factor for product sale. It involves face to face interaction with the customers, promotion of the brand product, conveying the brand’s caption in a sensible way to the customers, contests, events etc. Follow ups after the sale of the product like collecting feedback about the product’s use and function, experiencing the product etc is all taken. Experiential space is the best way of interacting with consumers, given the right location and environment.

The experiential media create wonders in marketing a product. It must be goal oriented, integrate with other market campaigns and be interactive. It must be a well organized event. The success of the event is the increase in product sales, build up of trust and confidence in the brand and becoming a life long customer.

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