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Amega Global - Multilevel marketing Review

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by: sholaOle
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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 Time: 2:23 AM

So you may be considering joining Amega Global, or perhaps merely looking for some investigation on the company Amega. Well this is a 3rd part overview of the company and that I have to say i have absolutely no affiliations with Amega Global at all.

Amega Global has been founded around 2006 of February, they will promoted wellness products. They be employed in the business model of MLM or perhaps what we should call Multi-Level-Marketing and possess a lot of distributors marketing all over the world. Amega global has numerous office within over 17 countries. The mission is quite obvious for them along with that's to provide happiness,prosperity and health.

The president of the company is Eric Banks , he's an excellent background in wealth administration as well as global finance. Chief executive officer of the company is Arun Kerner features an excellent solid history in motivating website visitors to there maximum potential. Who provides Network Marketing encounter into the scene? That might be VP of Business Development Calvenn Starre, also, he know as the top en roller inside a nutritional juice company. Furthermore VP of Marketing and Operations Rich Fleshman produces over 20 years of successful network marketing experience. Therefore I would point out yes you are working with a very good management team.

The products produce working tend to be wellness, nutritional wellness, environmental wellness, and also financial well being. These products include oils,facial creams,energy powders additionally a lot more.

So let us talk about network marketing and this company. Amega global Does offer an opportunity. So what is the comp plan concerning? Its an essentially a binary program , which does consist of several different ways the distributors can make money. How do we earn money? Well its straightforward , through retail and also recruiting not different than any other company. Furthermore I would like to say dont allow the large words like bonus pools, matching bonuses get you over hyped on the company, really each and every company does the same. Therefore with low as $49 you can be a distributor. I would say try out the products and obtain to know the company more prior to you making your decision.

I am aware what i'm going to point out now will likely disrupt you which is totally good, After all this is one way allot of network marketers tend to be anyways in the beginning but I am going to get directly to it. The issue with a lot of Network Marketers they think that company will take these to the top that is huge fat no! at the end of the day its going to boil up to you on how you can market Amega Global or other MLM opportunity you've. If you really want the most advantages of your MLM business you have to learn how to market efficiently online&offline.

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