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Make Pellet with Bagasse in Brazil

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by: eddagrd123
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Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 Time: 1:02 AM

Becoming the greatest exporter of sugar cane on earth, Brazil has gradually seen better use for its numerous storage of raw material in constructing biomass pellet industry by utilizing the bagasse, the byproduct of sugar cane.

Can bagasse be produced into good pellet?

As it is termed for all, biomass pellet can be modified by each and every agricultural residue or waste-product of other processes. Bagasse is the residue of sugar cane with small moisture level, which is an ideal raw material for making pellets. Once the bagasse decays, it will generate methane, which is 20 percent more dangerous than the carbon dioxide to the ozone layer.

Bagasse in Brazil is used to provide energy for cogeneration plants or national grid, but there are still around 25 million tons which isn't used. As the demand of pellet fuel in the market is raising everyday, it will bring in remarkable profit if those 25 million tons of sugar cane waste can be changed into pellet fuel.

How to make bagasse into fuel?

We should have pellet mill to create bagasse into fuel. After the bagasse isprocessed into powder, it can be fed in to the pellet mill. There are a die and a set of rollers within the pellet mill. Specifically speaking, the bagasse powder is going to be squeezed by the rotary roller from the hole of the die into pellet. And so the cutter right out of the mill will cut the granule in the appropriate length between 3 and 5 cm. Apart from pelletizing, there may require other processes. For instance, you need to crush and dry the raw material before feeding in to the pellet mill and after the pellet is created, you need to cool down the temperature with the pellet and package them into bags. Therefore, apart from pellet mill, we still need other auxiliary equipments such as crusher, dryer, cooler and packaging machine to build a pellet making production line.

So what can we do to create a production line to make bagasse pellets?

You may learned that many manufacturers can provide you with a complete pellet production line to you however feel perplexed. When China develops into the biggest supplier of pellet mill, there are different types of pellet mills which could satisfy the dependence on small-scale production and large-scale production. Here we will introduce a good case in point for you personally,that is AKG BiofuelTech. Among the leading manufacturers in China, AKG BiofuelTech has effectively set up 200 production lines in the domestic China containing high technology.

The European Biomass Association forecasts that by 2020 the European Union will employ 100 million tons annually of pelletized biofuels, so it is never too soon to begin pellet making business right away.

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