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International relocations

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by: smithandy
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Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 Time: 3:23 AM

I have been offered a new post in Dubai doing the same thing I do at the moment but as a senior. The company would like me to go out there and help build the new marketing team, it’s an opportunity of a life time and one that I couldn’t turn down. Luckily my wife is fully on board and agreed to spending two years away from family and friends.

My company is paying for our relocation as well us giving me a tidy sum as a sweetener, bonuses always make things easier. The office in Dubai opens in February so the wife and I are going to head out in January to settle down before I get busy with work. I’ve never had to undertake international removals so I’m a little nervous.

I’ve been reading expat forums and blogs to find out what difficulties and problems others have faced and if they have any tips. Below are selections of tips I found really useful and thought I would share them.

•    Hire professional help, <a href="">international removals</a> is not easy so hire a removals firm that have experience in the business and have a good reputation.

•    Sort out accommodation before you fly out, do not make the mistake of leaving without organising where you are going to live. Planning what to ship over is easier if you know your living arrangements too.

•    Before moving make sure you get in touch with the country’s embassy here in the UK. Get as much information you can on local laws and customs, also find out of there are any restrictions on what you can and cannot take over.

•    Make sure your passport will not run out while you are out there; if so get it renewed first. Renewing British Passports aboard is possible but the system may not be as efficient as it is here.

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