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How about the Chinese Toy Market Prospects

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by: Danica
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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 Time: 1:41 AM

According to relevant statistics, in China, children under the age of 16 are up to 380 million, among which one child accounted for 34%, the total number of children reached 129 million. In the total number of children's consumption, children's toys grew from the last year's 5% to 8% this year.

From the access to children and parents, we feel that their toys awareness and demand gradually increase and plush toys is getting more and more popular among people of all ages. The plush toy is not any more the stage products accompanying only with the stage of people's childhood, but in different forms and people's life. The role of toys has switched from the mere parenting tools to material carriers for people to seek health, happiness and fashion lifestyle. People would prefer to take toys as decoration or gifts to friends and families to share and gift to add some fun to life.

At present, the big cities' children's pocket money is monthly average for 176 yuan, has a great impact on household consumption. In modern family, the vast majority of young couples have only one child, the parents are willing to spend on them. According to the survey, in the purchase of learning tools and toys, 59% of the families let children make decision. According to statistics, the annual per toy consumption of domestic urban children reaches about 35 yuan (RMB), the rural children less than 10 yuan, and the urban adults 12 yuan, the rural adults spend almost zero on toys. If each family of three spends annually at least 10 yuan on buying a toy, the toys annual consumption reaches up to 40 billion(RMB).

With the improvement of the living conditions, the toy consumption level will be higher. But at present China's plush toys have no a national brand for domestic trade. And the foreign brands have already entered the mainland market, through sales agents or setting up the offices, and the toy price is very high.

Market prospects: At present, China's per capita toy consumption level is low, but with the rapid development of China's national economy and household living standards continuously improve the amazing potential of the Chinese toy market will gradually show. According to a foreign investigation: plush toy is the first choice for European parents, the cost of Europe's per capita spending on toys ($ 144) is far higher than the developing countries ($ 13), become the second largest toy consumer market only after the United States ($ 340). If the Chinese toy consumption reaches the Asian average level, the size of the toy market is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan (RMB). Investigation report indicates that the domestic toy market in the Mainland will grow at a rate of annual 40% growth, and the sales will reach more than 100 billion yuan RMB.

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