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Cable Coating Australia – Things To Know

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by: robertsoncoatings
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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 Time: 11:30 PM

Interior fireproofing is one of the most essential things in today’s construction business. Interiors fireproofing is required for the walls, floors, roofs and doors and windows as well.  Fireproofing interior is a must in any commercial project as fire is not considered to be a calculable risk. The loss that is incurred to any commercial establishment or business because of fire can prove to be a financial wreck that cripples many business houses.

Most of the cases of fire break out causes due to unprotected electrical cables. Hence, interior fireproofing is important and is considered an inert fire protection method which indicates to the act of making any internal or external structure of a building more resistant to the hazardous flames or fire. In fact, the application of an assured and testified interior fireproofing system offers effective fire resistance rating thereby providing full proof safety to the property.

A full proof fire stop system will be one that makes sure that all the belongings and items remain unaffected by the flames. Now there are quite a few traditional materials like fireproofing plasters which are not resistant to the ill consequences of the fire at a needed grade. Whether it’s a residential construction, commercial construction, industrial construction or offshore construction, cables are widely used everywhere. Therefore, fireproofing cables with the help of cable coating becomes inevitable.

Cable coating is the best way to ensure an effective fire stop system. KBS cable coating is the one of the best fire stop system in Australia. The KBS cable coating Australia takes up a proactive approach at the designing stages of the building designing. The cables should be incorporated at the time of designing the project.

The KBS cable coating is water based that has specially been invented to give full protection against fire to groups of electrical wires and cables. The major aspect of the cable coating Australia is to prevent circulation of fire within the building.

In an industrial or commercial area electrical and other cables are a common thing. But they can pose a good amount of risk for the buildings in that area. Thus, penetration seals are required essentially to stop spreading of fire and transfer of the smoke or gas.

Penetration seals are purposely used to stop the chain reaction of fire. It stops fire from spreading from one place to another. The KBS penetration seals are composed of non combustible mineral fibre board mixed with ABL or ablative products.

Penetration seals are available in three types:

Panel seals that are both available in single and double coats for the resisting the cable fire
Panels seals that are normally used for stopping fire through penetration for cables as well as cable trays inside the floors and walls. Cable coating along with the penetration seals is also used for ABL seals.   

Fireproofing solutions are as important as making a strong structure for the building. Thus proper fireproofing is mandatory for every commercial as well as residential building.

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