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Yantram How to Hire the Perfect Virtual Assistant

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by: yantramva
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Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 Time: 4:15 AM


As an online business owner you know all too well how much time the demands of running it can take up. So, like any smart business owner would do, you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant. Now you're going to be asking yourself a few questions:

* Where do I find a VA (Virtual Assistant)? 
* How much do VA's charge? 
* How do I find the perfect VA for me?

Choosing a VA that works well with you is important. One way to find someone who you know has worked out well for others is to ask other business owners you know who they use for their virtual assistant work.You'll want to look for a few things that every good VA will offer, they are:If she is someone who has kids at home during the daytime (when you do most of your work) wants to use email as your main communication this may not be a good fit if you prefer phone calls over emails. Ask your potential virtual assistants how they communicate with clients, and if they have other options.
This may be an obvious one but many VAs have a wide range of services where others may specialize in one or two things. When you're searching for a virtual assistant try to think ahead about what services you may need in the near future as well as present, then search for a VA who does both.Good VAs get booked up quick so make sure you book the time you need with a VA you are happy with before she gets booked with other clients.



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