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Federal HR Management At OPM-Run HR University

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by: Alan Wills
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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 Time: 2:07 AM

Federal human resources training can be slightly different than in a normal office environment. As a human capital manager, you should be able to effectively incorporate the new employees into their new positions. You are responsible for detailing the work the new employees will perform and explaining how to effectively accomplish this and slip into their new roles comfortably. You should also effectively resolve conflicts that may arise due to the employees you may potentially hire. Appropriate conflict management can be the difference between a successful and a broken business.

Conflict management methods are normally taught during training for federal employees to ensure a productive and more positive work place. There are certain steps to handle office conflicts that must be followed. Understanding the exact conflict and determining the actions and problems behind it, is the first step. Involvement by third parties is important to throw more light on the problem. By communicating properly and coming up with strategies that pave the way for effective negotiations and collaboration, solutions to end the conflict can be attained. If conflict resolution fails it reflects poorly on not just your employees but you as well. It must therefore be important that effective training for federal employees is imparted for resolving potential conflicts.

How employees perform in a changing work environment is an important aspect in federal human resources training. Not all positions outline the methods of managing an unstable workplace, making it important for superiors to address this issue effectively. With employees settling into their new positions, it is up to you to keep a close eye on them with respect to their work and movements. Firstly, you must define what the change is and the characteristics of a changing workplace. Determining and delegating appropriate components of new work practices is important. Devise a suitable action plan and instruct employees to follow the same.

Refer to the notes you have prepared from time to time and check progress in various areas by communicating to your employees what you expect from them. Develop and incorporate team-building activities as a way to help employees in completely comprehending the strategies that have been newly put into practice. It is extremely important that all employees are heard, understood and feel like they are valued by their employer. You must set an example as an efficient manager and motivate team members to be more determined and driven to perform well.

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