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Cairns Employment Facts and Figures

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by: SignatureStaff
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 Time: 8:43 PM

If you ask people from all over the globe if they know what or where Cairns is, maybe most people would not have a clue. Cairns has a population of more than 150,000 - and is the second largest city in Far North Queensland.

Cairns and Tourism 
But why do people all over the globe know about Cairns? This question is easy to answer; tropical Cairns is maybe the only city in the entire world, where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Rainforest. Having the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest so close to each other makes Cairns a unique place on this planet, and I'm not exaggerating here. It's no wonder that each year more and more tourists come to Cairns, currently the tourists from Asia and especially China are playing a more important role in Far North Queensland Tourism.

Just coming into the Chinese New Year of the Dragon reveals again the importance of Chinese tourists to the Cairns Region. An estimated 19,000 to 20,000 Chinese tourists have just visited Cairns for the Chinese New Year and will during the Year of the Dragon. Facts & figures from the Cairns Chamber of Commerce show that these figures are going to rise further.

Cairns Employment 
So, although tourism is one big part of the Cairns Region, Cairns has a lot more to offer than just tourism. To start with the next topic, employment in Cairns, I will have to start with some negative news from this paradisiacal spot. The unemployment rate was rising dramatically in 2008 until 2010 due to the GFC - just recovering in the second quarter of 2011 to drop to 8.5% unemployment rate. Coming into the wet season will slow things down a bit more again. But, here is the BUT. Cairns is the lucky one. It was decided last month, that Cairns will get its Cairns Entertainment Precinct - that's a $150 million project, which will bring some more attraction to the City of Cairns.

That's not all. The Cairns Port has just been refurbished and is looking very beautiful. Port Douglas is already preparing for the solar eclipse in November 2012, which is going to be the best place in the world to be part of this event.

The Cairns Region - Facts & Figures 
Some more statistics on Cairns. This city, actually you may call it a town if you like, may have a population of only 150,000 inhabitants, but be aware that Cairns expands from Babinda (Southern Cairns Region) up to Port Douglas (most Northern point of the Cairns Region). If you have a closer look on the map, you will see how huge the entire area is and how much more potential is in Cairns.

Building approvals had its high in 2008, then slowed down a bit, but 2011 is picking up again with $800 million worth of new building approvals for last year. Since the 1980's until today, Cairns has experienced an average population growth of 3%.

But more interesting are the industries in this region. Health Care, Mining & Construction are the up-and-comers, whereas Agriculture as an industry is decreasing. With Tourism being Cairns' number one industry, Mining is climbing up the latter.

With a high unemployment rate and no strong population growth, Cairns may seem not as attractive as if you just have a look to the Great Barrier Reef or the Rainforest, but as population grows dramatically worldwide and space is getting an immense problem, people in the Cairns Region have the luxury of lots of space and nature wherever your eyes go. And this is going to bring more people into this region, even if it will take a few years time, very surely, new industries will move into Cairns in the near future and make this place an even better paradisiacal spot.

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