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61: Job description of the production manager and its requirements
Production manager is the authority who controls the production of products and maintains the records on the amount of goods manufactured.

62: Comprehensive information about pediatric nurse job description
Pediatric nurse job is the challenging job for the candidates as they need to provide nursing and care to the young children aged between one to eight years.

63: Minimal Thought Leadership in Some Human Resource Firms
Minimal Thought Leadership in Some Human Resource Firms
Thought leadership focusing on Human Resource related issues, deals with the knowledge gained from books, articles, reports etc. In this new era, the demands of customers have changed drastically.

64: Human Resource Outsourcing Companies- A Byproduct of Globalization
Outsourcing of HR tasks is actually a benefit for many, especially to those who like to focus on key domains of business. But every coin has two sides. There are some grave issues that the human resource outsourcing companies have to face and subsequently commit some mistakes

65: Workplace Violence Prevention - Webinar By TrainHR
Workplace violence is the number one cause of workplace fatalities for women. Eighteen thousand weekly workplace assaults cause 500,000 employees to lose 1,751,000 days of work annually, with a loss of $55 million in wages (3.5 days per incident); in fact, 18% of all crimes occur in the workplace.

66: Improving the Workforce with Sandi Vito
If you happen to live in Pennsylvania, then you surely would have heard about the rapid change in the workforce since 2003 there, and that’s because of the works of the woman named Sandi Vito.

67: Important information about office administrator job description
Office administrator is one of those persons who hold it responsible in updating the daily work by assisting the staff members of the office.

68: Information about the marketing coordinator job description
Marketing coordinators are those professionals who are appointed to lead the marketing team of the company for promoting the sales of the products.

69: Comprehensive details about data entry clerk job description
Data entry clerk is one of the employees in an organization and probably one of the busiest employees who keeps a track of all the data and update it in quick session.

70: Information about the business manager job description
A business manager is the officer who deals with every activity of the business and makes sure that the business is stable.

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