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Engraved bricks for Fundraising

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by: Gareth hoyles
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Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 Time: 6:33 AM

If you want to raise funds for your business then a great way to do this is by brick fundraising. People can make donations in order that they receive the message of their choice on engraved bricks, which will then be used to create a new pavement or wall on your business’ site.

Why Engraved Bricks?

Some business owners are sceptical about the usefulness of engraved bricks for raising funds, but evidence has shown that a campaign can be very effective indeed. Donors like the fact that they are being recognised, and the fact that their message will be permanently set in stone for all to see is very appealing for many people.

One of the best things about engraved bricks for fundraising is that you can customise your campaign and the bricks according to your own wants and requirements. You can also establish how much you will charge for each personalised brick. Most engraved bricks providers will offer very low prices, and so the difference between what you have paid for each brick, and what you charge them for, will all be profit kept by your business.

Which Provider?

Obviously, the biggest factor that will influence which company you choose for your engraved bricks is price. You should try and find a provider that offers very low priced engraved bricks, as this will ensure that you make a good amount of profit after you have sold the bricks to your donors. The quality of the bricks is of course important, as they will make up a decorative feature on your business’ site – you want them to look good, but the main objective is fundraising and making a good amount of profit from the campaign. In order to find the company offering the best value for money you simply need to carry out a good amount of research and compare prices from a number of firms. Fortunately, the Internet can prove a useful research tool and so it should be easy, using one of the main search engines, so find the websites of several companies providing engraved bricks to fundraising projects.


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