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Consumer Protection Services monitor PPI Claims

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Consumer Protection Services are a specialist service which operates on behalf of the needs of the public. If you’ve found yourself a victim of any unjust consumer issues from miss sold payment protection issues with the repayment of loans then we provide a level of customer service that won’t be matched.
CPS was born in 2008 to provide payment protection for anyone that has been miss-sold payment protection insurance and hence is entitled to make PPI claims. More often than not large organisations use their size to intimidate individuals into accepting payment protection insurance. This is where our PPI refund and PPI claims service can help.
Our mission is to represent our client’s interest with professionalism, expertise and efficiency to make sure you receive the full compensation that you’re entitled to. In short, once you choose CPS for all your PPI claims you can rest assured that we’ll work efficiently on your behalf.
The services that we’re able to provide our customers range from PPI insurance refunds to debt consolidation and everything else in between. We’re able to handle all PPI claims proficiently and in a timely manner.
But why should you choose consumer protection for all PPI claims?
Let our numbers do the talking. In the last three years over fourteen thousand clients have set up claims with us. In august 2011 three hundred and forty four of our clients received a total of one million eighty three thousand three hundred and ninety five pounds. The average PPI claims refund was three thousand one hundred and forty nine pounds. All the PPI claims work that we carry out is quoted on a no win no fee basis.
If you’re considering any form of PPI claims, or would like to find out more information about CPS or any of the services that we can provide, then you need just come and visit us online at:

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