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Native American Jewelry

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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 Time: 11:33 AM

people who purchase Navajo and Zuni jewelry are quite interested in this glittering stomne. It is also among the most important stones for Native Americans of the Southwest.

Ranging in color from a deep blue to green-blue to a striking sky blue, the semi-precious stone's color determines its value. Formed by waters percolating through rocky deposits, turquoise is frequently discovered near copper mines and is usually mined in desert and arid regions.

The stones may shine with uniform color or with matrix lines that add contrast and enhance their beauty. "Spiderweb" patterns are especially coveted.

A December birth stone, turquoise is said to be the stone of love that will produce happy thoughts for all who wear it. Native American belief associates turquoise -- a gift from the gods -- with horses, discovering desert water and attracting wild game. 

Being  used throughout the world as ornament and trade items for thousands of years, Turquoise jewelry can be traced back to 25,000 years  in the  layered cliffs of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Still,  Native Americans and non-natives continue to make benefits from this glamours star. .

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