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Crystal Awards and their Maintenance

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In this world of competition, the best way to bring out the best performance, irrespective of whether it is an individual or a corporate, is to institute awards. While a certificate stating the name of the recipient reason for the award, year of the award and the name of the awardees is a must, it should also carry with it a medallion or a trophy which can be exhibited. . The awards come in different shapes and sizes and can be made of different materials. However, glass awards and crystal awards are most favored these days. Various associations and organizations prefer using glass or crystal for their various awards like the Chairman’s award or the President’s award. Crystal awards and glass awards are now also used for safety awards, quality awards, appreciation awards and many other awards including gifts given to guest speakers. However, glass and crystal awards require regular maintenance for them to serve their purpose. They should be positioned in such a manner that they are easily visible and are able to catch the eye of the people who call on the recipient. The resultant appreciation by the caller is the basic objective of the award since it impels him to perform better. One must also ensure that it is so placed that risk of accidental fall is negligible. Regular dusting and cleaning of the award with a soft cloth is a must. Since these items are fragile and subject to develop scratches easily, care must be taken to ensure that the duster is clean. A solution of water and mild soap or a glass-cleaning solvent available in the market can produce excellent results. For best results, use a micro- fiber cloth towel for wiping.

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