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Bullet Vibrators for Fun and Pleasure

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by: Abbey smith
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Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 Time: 7:36 AM

What is a bullet vibrator?

Bullet vibrators are smaller than many vibrators and come in many shapes and sizes; each design is intended to afford the maximum stimulation with the minimum of effort. Bullet vibrators are very popular for couples and singles alike and can add an extra element of fun to your life.

Choose from an array of designs including units that are designed to be used in conjunction with other models. Attaching a bullet to a larger model will bring a different element of fun and pleasure for all involved.

Bullet vibrators are battery powered and come in a variety of strengths; some offer a changeable speed and some remain fixed. The materials from which they are made vary and whilst some are very firm to the touch others are soft and pliable. Available in a mix of attractive and appealing colours such as black, transparent and hot pink, they are small enough to carry with you on overnight visits.

What do bullet vibrators offer?

Bullet vibrators are a very handy due to their small size; they can be transported in a handbag or overnight bag with no problems. Some bullet vibrators do not even appear to be vibrators, slim and in candy colours they can be discreetly transported without fear of embarrassment if anyone should notice your secret!

If you are looking for bullet vibrators as a gift or for yourself then you will be amazed by the choices on offer today. There are many websites with a fantastic array of bullet vibrators on offer and you will be spoilt for choice in your quest for the perfect vibrator.

Check out reviews on bullet vibrators which are available on many websites which offer them for sale and you will be able to see which bullet vibrators work well and which are not so good. The main points of interest for most people are that the vibrators have a regular vibration and that they do not use up all of their battery power too quickly. Ease of maintenance is another issue and you should follow care instructions carefully to prolong the life span of your vibrator.

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