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What any Trendy Mompreneur must know

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by: GraceBroadbent
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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 Time: 2:21 AM

NYC moms are incredible multi-taskers. They handle numerous responsibilities - from being savvy businesswomen to perfect homemakers. In addition, they manage to do this in style.

This generation's mompreneurs are moving away from fashion rules that limit their creativity. You will find NYC moms dressed in stylish dresses, cute jeans and trendy t-shirts. They even make use of designer diaper bags to carry bottles, formulas and diapers. Gone are the days where they wear baggy clothing and flip-flops. They can now enjoy being a woman without having to sacrifice their love for fashion.

In order to be a stylish mom, here are six fashion tips you have to know:

Every mompreneur should own a full-length mirror

A great full-length mirror permits you to see and assess your outfit. This is most valuable when you require attend parent-teacher assemblies or interviews. Full-length mirrors reflect the impression you wish to make.

You should own perfect-fitting jeans

Search for jeans that fit you perfectly. Be sure that you try them on first. Different styles fit different people. There are jeans that might not flatter you at all. Remember that dark denim is a great choice since it's very versatile. When combined with the right top, you can put on them for casual and formal occasions. You'll never go wrong with jeans that hug those curves perfectly.

Be sure that you add a good pair of wide leg pants to your closet. These pants make the hips look narrower. Buy brown and black ones and pair them off with flats or stilettos.

Necessity number 1: The LBD

A trendy mompreneur must own a little black dress. Search for one that flatters your body type and has a classy design. It's easy to change how you look by putting on different accessories or sporting a new hairdo.

Necessity number 2: T-shirts of various styles and colors

Closets should never contain plain black and white shirts only. Experiment with different styles and colors. Get shirts that flatter your skin. T-shirts look great when paired with trendy shorts and leather sandals. In addition, they look great with jeans and sneakers. They make great outfits whether you're having fun with your kids or just strolling around the park. Be sure that you keep away from wearing shirts with tacky designs including cartoon characters or 'cutesy' sayings.

Own trendy and comfortable shoes.

Moms on the go must have shoes that can support them comfortably while they do their duties. Alegria clogs and Taos shoes are wonderful options for moms looking for stylish and comfortable footwear.

Alegria clogs are ergonomically structured footwear that are designed to fit the feet's contours. These footwear can improve posture by its rocker bottom out-sole that lets moms move in comfort. Plus, they offer numerous stylish designs including floral prints, funky artwork, and attractive geometric patterns.

Taos shoes, however, are inspired by the culture of the American Southwest. This footwear features open-sandals which make the feet look attractive. They are durable and stylish with their colorful fabrics and intricate stitches.

Accessorize, accessories, accessorize!

The secret of NYC moms in looking stylish is by accessorizing. You are able to refresh your look by putting on pearl earrings or necklaces with pretty pendants. Make sure your accessories don't clash with your outfit, otherwise, you'll just look like a disaster instead of a diva.

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Grace is a mompreneur that knows the latest fashion tips for nyc moms.

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