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ECOMMERCE-Understand and Then Entertain

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by: akosha1
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Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 Time: 5:59 AM

People don’t do business with companies; they do it with the people who are their customers. Businesses run because you have customers. A business has no value if there are no buyers. The trade of buying and selling of goods online is known as ecommerce. The term e-tailing is used for online retail selling which has become a very popular trend for this generation. It is also sometimes known as E business.

Websites selling products and services have online catalogs for their customers to choose as if they are choosing from the store. The best part is that one can shop at any time of the day from any corner of the world and get it delivered anywhere the customer wishes to.

This online shopping has become really popular amongst people who have no time to drive to a shopping mall and pick up their sizes and try them on to make a final payment at the cashier. Ecommerce just lets you shop from home, work or even if one is traveling. A simple click has done wonders for this generation.

There is not a single thing that cannot be bought online. Now the world runs through gadgets and technology. One cannot find reasons to even socialize.

There is a term as online wallet for the online shoppers. It is a program that lets you have all your shopping info like passwords, shipping details in one place, which is your shopping wallet.

Ecommerce that takes place between businesses is popularly known as B2B or business-to-business. Ecommerce that takes place between businesses and customers is known as B2C or business-to-customer.

There is software known as the shopping cart software, which plays a major role in assisting people with the online payments for shopping online. It is also known as the shopping basket. This allows customers to collect all the items of their interest and put them in their shopping basket for final payment. It finally calculates the total cost of the items bought and the shipping and the handling charges as well.

The different types of ecommerce one will come across are: Business-to-business, business-to-consumer, business-to-government, and consumer-to-consumer and mobile commerce.

There are a lot of advantages of ecommerce. It is a big business and it has cut down the geographical limitations. Now anyone can buy anything from any corner of the world. The availability of products at discounted prices adds on to its list of advantages. It’s easier to locate products by just typing the name of the product one is interested in. it eliminates the travel time and the cost of traveling. A lot of information is given online regarding products and prices. and are the online shopping websites popular in India. These websites have attracted a lot of customer attention through consumer forums.  With the emergence in their popularity another significant aspect attached with it is rising consumer complaints. A lot of people have complaints against them regarding the quality and level of their services.  The general complaints that could be found against these companies on various consumer forums are: has been delivering broken and useless products to the people, which are not even worth a penny. People have been trying to reach out to the customer care, which has become an impossible task. has some fraudulent vouchers, which are being advertised but are not valid and cannot be used by the customers. This has resulted in bad image for both the shopping websites, which is very evident in the consumer forums. But there have been lesser complaints for as compared to the other online shopping websites in India.


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