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The Money You Earn Is Not Yours

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by: toryyang
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Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 Time: 11:39 PM


One ironical star and director in Japan recently was given an international award of film. A few years ago his mother died, he returned home to attend funerals. He did not like her mother, because she has been constantly asking him for money, as long as a month he did not send money home, the mother yelled for him to call, really worthy of the name of ”miser”, and the more well-known he was, she obtained more money. After returning home, he could not help but cry, think he has been out, not properly support his mother, though his mother was miser, he still felt sorry to his mother. After this funeral, when he was about to leave the home, his brother put a small bag to him, said: “This is mother told me to give you.”


He carefully opened the small bag and saw a deposit with a letter; the deposit was to open an account in his name, and deposit amount was up to tens of millions of yen. In the letter, the mother wrote: “child, in these children, I am most worried about is you, you do not like school since your childhood, and like to spend money casually, even too generous to your friends. When you go to Tokyo to work, I am very worried that you will become a lonely pauper, so I never ceased to let you each month send money home. On the one hand it can stimulate you to make more money, as well as to savings for you. You give me money, I did not spend a dime, your brother support me well, your money is your money, now take well advantage of it!”


After reading the letter, the big star crying on the ground, could not stand up for a long time…


There was a celebrity saying that: a dollar you earn is not yours, a dollar you save is yours. Now the economy is getting worse, the world entered the era of the three low - low growth, low interest rates, low inflation; do not look down on a little money you readily spend: a cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes, clothes… if you save it, it is possible to change your life; if you have friend cannot save money around you, you can tell them the story of the Japanese star, you may become his life's elegant!

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