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The Importance of Dolch Sight Words

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by: reikopena
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Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 Time: 1:28 AM

The confidence and the reading ability of the small children improve a lot when children know how to go through dolch sight wordsDolch sight words. Some of these words are found in almost everything they read. The readers will face no difficulty in reading, if they are previously familiar with all the words. These Dolch words are also known as service words which are very much necessary for understanding the sentences. The students, who have been learning English as a second language, can boost hone up their learning skills when they go through these basic service words. Most of the tenses and the verbs are among the Dolch words. Developed by Edward. W. Dolch, these words are some of the most frequently used words in the children’s books. Any reader who knows the dolch sight wordsDolch sight words from beforehand will be able to recognize the majority of the words in a typical context. This visionary also developed a list of 95 commonly used nouns. The Dolch sight words should be recognized immediately on sight for reading to progress smoothly. Some of these words cannot be pronounced by simply observing rules or cannot be represented by pictures. Some of the words are do, am, for, as, so, be etc. Generally it is recommended that before children finish first grade, the children should be easily able to identify the Dolch words and the nouns. The list is capable of representingshows the frequency of use in books on at different grade levels. The nouns are not listed on the basis of grade level. Dolch word list is meant to provide parents and teachers with a road map and sequence for helping children acquire the words that they will encounter most frequently in their reading sessions. Each list has to be read and learnt very carefully and if a child is capable of completing a certain list in a particular grade, he should advance to the next one.

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