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The Review and Outlook of the Vehicle Development

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by: daxiakuangge
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Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 Time: 7:36 PM

Now the car is becoming more and more intelligent with the application of those convenient technologies and devices which are not seen in the cars that are produced several years before. And there are some trends that influence the development of the car after reviewing the first decade of the 21st century.

Information and entertainment system: the built-in CD player may be fresh for people a decade ago and now it is the standard configuration of the car. Since the consumers are increasingly demanding for instant messaging, such technologies of mobile communication as the voice control, instant traffic information data and Wi-Fi are emerging rapidly.

Entertainment system: people can spend their joyful time in their cars with various methods. For example, the car of Ford Motor is equipped with the multi-media communication and entertainment system that can receive net radio station or plays the melody music through the connection with digital music player and memory card by USB port.

The easier driving experience: the application of many new technologies helps to produce easier operation in driving for the drivers. The automatic parking, backing rear-view image system and inductive wiper are all concluded in the new applied technologies. The topography management system used in some vehicles can make sure that the car will automatically adjust its wheel speed and control the accelerator and other systems according to different driving conditions.

To avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents: there has seen leap-forward development in the safety performance of car during the past ten years. Now four passenger air bags are necessary for the basic safety standard and for some cars there are ten. What is worth to mention is that the pneumatic back safety belts invented by Ford units the functions of both traditional belt and the air bag so that the damage to the head, neck and chest of passengers sitting in the backseat will be reduced in collision.

The fuel economy: people may want to buy a bigger car which can hold as many goods and passengers as possible ten years ago. However, both the body and the engine of the modern cars are minimized to save oil. The turbocharger, fuel injection, the engine of small displacement, and duel-clutch transmission are all considered as the important technologies that can reduce the oil consumption and exhaust gas emission.

Car navigator: the navigation technology has become one of the most favorable devices for consumers in the past ten years. Now there are about 150 million cars that are equipped with the individual mobile navigation device. Today, the navigation system is embedded in the car to provide more information.

Comfortable experience: since the consumers are expecting to enjoy a more comfortable time during the journey, the better upholstery of higher material quality and design, the adjustable seat of adjustable temperature, remote control, and the more space for storage are all instrumental in providing the customers with much comfort and turbo repair kits.

How about the further? What is predictable is that there will be evolutionary changes taking place in the vehicle industry and the lifestyle of the consumers. The life of ordinary people will be changed with technological changes such as the higher oil price, the better lithium battery system, alternative fuel, and the more advanced safety technology and interconnection system which is realized between two cars through the wireless communication signal in the cars.

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