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How to Remove Broken Bolt without Damaging the Hole

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by: reikopena
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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 Time: 6:13 AM

To remove broken bolt could be a frustrating endeavor and a time consuming one at that. A few tools or an easy-out kit can help your cause to a great extent, especially when you have to do it yourself. One of the easier techniques is to use light oils which can seemingly flow down through a hole to make removing rusted bolts out. When your threading is not working as expected these oils can make things slightly smoother. Clamping vice grips and trying to turn the bolt out could be one of the ways to do it but it may not always work. When you are trying broken bolt removal from metal, then a propane torch could be used to heat up the metal around the bolt thus helping in loosening the grip by breaking the connection or bond between the bolt and the metal. A left hand drill set can also be used to break the bolt out by picking a bit which is slightly smaller than the bolt shaft diameter. There are other methods followed by different people. For example, slight indented end is created with a die grinder and then drilling can be done through the length if that could be done. If it does not work, larger holes could be drilled till you reach an extent where the threads are exposed. Those who can centre the drill on the bolt can pull it out easily. Another way which is used when nothing else works is by using the heli insert.. Ordinary steel drilling bits can be used to easily pull out the bolts as it hardly takes any time to drill up to a certain depth into the stud. Metal filings can then be pulled out using a magnet as well.

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