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How to scrap cars environmentally.

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by: William hoffman
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Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 Time: 3:22 AM

With more people than ever on the roads it is not surprising the number of road traffic accidents has increased. Cars involved in collisions, with other vehicles for example, can often end up being written off. Cars that fail MOTs, deemed unsafe to drive on the road, and are not worth fixing can also become a burden and need to be removed. Many people turn to car scrap as the alternative. However, many dealers are unreliable and take the car with the intention of selling it on or use methods to dispose of the car that can be illegal or detrimental to the environment. If a car dealer offers to pay to take a car then it would be sensible to question their intentions. There are many companies out there that will scrap your car in a ‘green’ way for free.

Before a company will scrap a car they usually need to know a few personal details such as contact details, address and details about the vehicle. Often they need a V5C document which is also commonly referred to as the registration document. This piece of paperwork keeps the information of who owned or owns the car and is essential when buying or selling a car. Once this has been processed someone will usually come and collect the vehicle for car scrap. The car is then taken to a storage depot before it is depolluted. This process ensures any hazardous material such as electrical devices or chemicals are completely removed and the car can then be recycled for car scrap in an environmentally friendly way. The company will typically notify the owner that their car has been safely turned into car scrappage and deregistered with the DVLA between one to two months after the car has been removed.

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