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The best tires in Indonesia is still gt radial

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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 Time: 2:55 AM

Do not be surprised if the tire production Tbk Gajah Tunggal company obtained many awards as the best tire in Indonesia and internationally. This is evidence that the quality of tire Elephant able to compete and surpass other brands, even though foreign brands.

Reasonable thing to remember in a long passage of time (60 years-red), this company still exist in the tire industry is getting tighter. So to say, the number of awards obtained Elephant is an authentic proof of the consistency of quality is maintained.

In domestic markets, GT Radial brand dominance in the passenger vehicle segment unshaken until this moment. GT Radial tires or Ban Terbaik di Indonesia GT Radial used as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) by several major vehicle manufacturers in Indonesia, such as Toyota and Daihatsu.

Indeed, every product launch, Elephant always 'listen' consumer desires. It's not a difficult thing because the Elephant as part of the community, 'present' in their midst.

Elephant car tires definitely have to 'talk' a lot in domestic and international arena. As a brand that was born from the womb of mother earth and now go international, GT Radial deserves our collective pride.

Recognition also came from Indonesia's Business Daily on December 15, 2009 GT Radial pin as "Genuine Product Award Indonesia" (APAI), the original brand from Indonesia who received worldwide recognition.

Earlier, in 2008 received an award Primaniyarta Elephant Award from the Ministry of Commerce. The award is given directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as one of the best national companies in terms of "global brand development".

Division research and development (R & D) is strong in this important role. The division is completed by experts who are competent in their respective fields. Some of them are graduates of the Polytechnic Elephant, one of the leading educational institutions in the country.

From there, he went on to Champiro Eco who in 2010 received an award from Indonesia World Record Museum (MURI) for the category's first eco-friendly tires produced in Indonesia.

Not only that, the tire type Champiro HPY awarded Record 200 Amazing Auto Bild magazine for durability, quality and performance of these tires were tested at Sentul international circuit around for 200 laps with only 1 set (4 pieces) tires.

The above course will not run smoothly if Elephant does not have a solid financial strength and running with good corporate governance (corporate governance).

It is recognized by Euromoney Magazine in September 2006 to reward Asia's Best Managed Company in Indonesia to the Elephant and in 2011 Ban Terbaik di Indonesia GT Radial get an award as one of the top 10 Indonesia's best-managed companies from magazines FinaneAsia and one of the top 10 Indonesia's best-performing companies from the Forbes magazine.

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