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Why buy used cars

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A new car always offers a sense of contentment for its buyer. However, buying a used cars for sale by owner is the best option if you have a limited budget in hand. According to CNW’s Marketing Research report of 2008, the initial transaction cost of a new car prior to taxes and price was found to be $25,536, at the same time as that of used car was $8,244. Again, in contrast to new cars the value of second-hand cars varies on the basis of mileage and present state of the car.  Thus purchase of a used car is no doubt more cost effective since there are several used-cars available in the market which is much spacious & full of attractive attributes like mp3/cd player, an air-conditioner, power windows, alloy wheels etc. in comparison to a new car of similar price.

But one should always take advice from car experts about pros and con of a used cars for sales before buying it. Another benefit of a used car is that it carries a limited warranty on the kilometers you go within a limited time frame that is transferred from its old owner to new at free of cost. Nowadays, showrooms provide post-sale services even for a used car.  Hyundai Advantage and Ford proffer 2-3 services on a used car in India, which is surely a matter of great convenience for all the buyers of second hand cars. This also negates the necessity of restoring a broken down component of the used car. A new car once out of its outlet loses its worth on depreciation. So buying a used car you can avoid the preliminary depreciation as in your case it will be already bear by the previous owner of the car.

Besides, the overabundance of different variety of used cars, the better trustworthiness and easy accessibility of service contract decreased the risk of buying a second hand car to great extent. Insurance cost on used cars is also cheaper in comparison to a new car. The costs of the old car generally decrease in value so the insurance premium will be much lower than what one will need to pay for a brand new car. An additional advantage of purchasing a second-hand car is that miscellaneous cost such as the shipping fee, charges taken by dealers for clean-up and shipping which is incorporated in the cost of new cars, is not taken from a second-hand buyer. Therefore you can save your hard-earned money by keeping away from extra expenses which accompanies with the purchase of a new car.  A further important benefit of purchasing second-hand car is as the cost of used car is less than a new car; the taxes amount will be also less.

The reason why buying a used car is better option because of the abundance of certified pre-owned programs available nowadays. The idea which started with luxury brands such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz has been instituted by most manufacturers nowadays. The maker offers this certification programs only for used cars of late-model, moderately short-mileage and vehicles which doesn’t have any big accident history. CPO vehicles experience a severe mechanical and decorative matters scrutiny procedure prior to their certification. They are covered by a guarantee which mostly expands ahead of the actual factory service contract. This service contract frequently consists of the traits that are generally provided with a new car. For example service contracts similar to that of a new car, a roadside help service etc.

One more benefit of using second-hand cars is that it comes along with a pre-delivery verification of the vehicle by specialist engineers who ensure that the technical perfection of the car before it is out for sale. Thus you became certain of the dependability and excellence of the used car before purchasing it. Some of the makers of CPO vehicles also proffer unique financing aid for second-hand vehicles at rates normally much lower than offered on new-car loans.

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