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Is It Possible For Consumers To Actually Receive Money For Junk Vehicles?

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by: LeeRodriguez
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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 Time: 6:52 PM

If you are one of the millions of Americans in the United States, then I am sure that you've seen the ads, "GET CASH FOR YOUR JUNK CAR!!!" has been posted on bill boards, screamed through radio speakers and seen on television and the internet! But, is it really true? Do companies really give cash for old, broken down, junk cars? If so, why, what do they do with the cars? Well, I plan to answer these questions for you.

Question: Can Consumers Really Get Cash For Junk Cars?

Answer: Yes consumers can absolutely get cash for junk cars! There are tons of junk yards out there that would love to buy any junk car that they come across. As a matter of fact, the junkyard industry is such a competitive one that people have multiple options just about anywhere they go. This gives consumers the ability to negotiate a fair and profitable price!

Question: Why Would Anyone Want To Buy My Junk Car?

Answer: Well, there are a couple of reasons that junkyards might want to by your junk car. Although your junk automobile does not run and most likely, wouldn't be worth fixing, it still has some working parts and plenty of metal! Junkyards make their living by taking junk cars and selling the working parts. Once the working parts are sold, the metal in the body and non working parts of the engine will be sold for scrap. All of which can turn a profit!

Question: If my junk vehicle is so valuable to junkyards, should I hang onto it and scrap it myself?

Answer: Well, the simple answer is no. When it comes down to it, removing all working parts in a junk vehicle requires tools and knowledge that average Americans simply don't have. Therefore, in most cases, it would cost more to remove the parts that are worth any cash than the people would generally make off of selling them. The reason that junkyards are able to absorb this cost is because of the vast amount of volume that they work with!

Question: Who should I sell my junk automobile to?

Answer: That's another tricky one. Because junk car buying is an extremely competitive business, it's important that people shop around before selling their junk cars. Although, if you are in the Denver area, I would suggest Junk Auto Wanted which can be found at!

I hope that I have answered any question that you may have about selling your junk car and look forward to providing you with information and advice in the future!

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